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Although the body is designed to work perfectly, damage (whether traumatic or repetitive) to the spine can create stress to the nerves and interfere with the ideal function of the body. One of the worst types of damage/injury to the spine is called the vertebral subluxation, a misalignment of spinal bones which puts pressure on the nerves and nervous system. When a spinal segment becomes subluxated, it can cause disorder, dysfunction, and dis-ease within the body. More importantly, a subluxation changes the way the brain and body communicate and function. Research shows that by correcting these vertebral subluxations of the spine, the body can function more optimally. That improved function often results in less pain, because sometimes our brains uses pain to let us know there is dysfunction within the body. If we find a subluxation we will work to restore normal function to the vertebra and the body through safe gentle adjustmuents.


If you are a mom-to-be, you know all too well of the changes happening to your body throughout pregnancy. You are the life support to your baby, your brain and nervous system controls your babies development, therefore your spinal health is pertinent. You provide nutrients to your baby, therefore your nutrition is pertinent. The baby is located in the uterus which is held in position by ligaments that attach to the pelvis. If the bones of your pelvis move out of position, this can cause the uterus and baby to be put in position that is not ideal. A pelvis that is in alignment is crucial during deliver especially to decrease complications and allow the baby to move through the pelvis as easily as possible.

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Our practice has chiropractic pillows that are specially designed to assist in adjustments to a pregnant woman’s body, just as the techniques we use put no pressure on the abdomen. As a prenatal chiropractor, Dr. Dori is Webster Certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, which means she is specially trained to work with pelvic balance during pregnancy. We will also teach you stretching and exercising techniques that are approved for use during pregnancy and that will help eliminate discomforts, as well as prepare your body for delivery.

While you are pregnant, your body naturally relaxes your ligaments and joints to make way for the changes occurring and the opening of the pelvis during delivery. In the eight weeks following birth, these ligaments begin to retighten, which can cause additional symptoms. Our clinic also provides postnatal services as your body returns to its original state.


Our goal at Moss Family Chiropractic is to support the well-being of future generations. Chiropractic care makes its most powerful impact on children. From the birth process onward our spines and nervous systems are subjected to numerous forces which can cause misalignments in the spine, called subluxations. Subluxations set the stage for reduced well-being and future health problems. Specific and gentle spinal adjustments allow a child’s spine and nerve system to grow and develop to its optimal potential.

Babies most often get their first subluxation during the birthing process. This is why we would be honored to check your child as soon as hours after birth. Adjustments for babies/children are different than for adults; a very light, constant pressure is used. We compare the amount of pressure for the adjustment to the amount of pressure that you could comfortably put on your closed eye. All babies can benefit from chiropractic care; getting adjusted at a young age helps to improve immune systems, digestion, sleep, neurological development, etc. and then continue to do so throughout life.

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association has many research articles indicating that there is very little risk, if at all, for chiropractic care of infants and children. Also, there are volumes of research available regarding the benefit of chiropractic care for children. ICPA4kids.com has a number of these studies available.